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Start Capacitor

The starting capacitor is an alternating current electrolytic capacitor or a polypropylene or polyester capacitor used to start a single-phase asynchronous motor.
The starting capacitor has the advantages of small temperature coefficient, high stability, low loss, high withstand voltage, etc., and improves the moisture resistance and stability of the starting capacitor device when used. Through the increase of the alarm device, the capacitor can be effectively monitored. When the temperature is too high, the temperature monitoring module will transmit data to the processing unit, and the processing unit controls the alarm unit to start working. The alarm unit transmits the signal to the speaker to make the speaker sound. Remind the user of the purpose.
Chirx Electron is one of the best start capacitor manufacturers in China. All capacitors we offer comply with GB / T3667.1-2005,IEC standards and have attained ISO, CQC, EU and CE certificates. Please be free to wholesale the quality and cheap start capacitor from our factory.