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Why Is The Price Rises Up Of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor?
- Jul 27, 2018 -

Since from April of  year 2018, there have been a number of aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers in China that have issued official letters of price increase, which has led to collective price increases.

The main reason for the price increase of this aluminum electrolytic capacitor is that the country implemented the environmental protection high pressure policy in early 2017, so that the suppliers of aluminum electrolytic capacitor raw materials are facing the pressure of rectification, production reduction and production suspension. The supply of raw materials for aluminum electrolytic capacitors has increased in large areas and out of stock. .

This also directly led to a 20% increase in the company's production costs, and the price was raised by 10% due to helplessness.

The reason for this is that the collective price increase of aluminum electrolytic capacitors in China is mainly caused by environmental factors.

The aluminum industry has always been a high-consumption, high-pollution industry, and many source factories are unable to pass environmental assessments, and environmental problems cannot be effectively solved. After the state put pressure on environmental policies, many enterprises with excessive pollution were shut down and rectified, and the supply of aluminum foil was greatly reduced.

Since the implementation of the environmental protection high-pressure policy in the country, the environmental protection costs of enterprises have risen a lot. Even some old high-pollution production lines have been directly stopped, and the production capacity is not optimistic.

On the one hand, there is a market demand for geometric growth, on the other hand, the production costs of the supply chain increase, reduce production or even stop production. Therefore, in the long run, the supply of aluminum electrolytic capacitors will be more tense, and the price will not fall back in the short term, even Will continue to rise. In the end, it is an ordinary user to pay for this.

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