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Principles Of Intelligent Capacitor
- Aug 25, 2016 -

Current transformer via satellite, detection and control of low voltage power capacitor of the current switch disconnect, you can achieve the intelligent capacitor overcurrent protection, current protection can be set as needed, instead of conventional products used in the fuse and relay, not only have better performance, and there is no conventional products in the fuse and the great power loss caused by the thermal relay.

Second, the principle of voltage protection

By testing intelligent capacitor power supply voltage and control switch disconnected, realization of low voltage power capacitor overvoltage, undervoltage, voltage and unbalanced three-phase voltage protection.

Third, the principle of zero switching

JLT 0 voted cut function by core devices SCR and magnetic keep following electrical combination achieved, can control Silicon can control its in voltage had 0 o'clock Shi closed, and control its in current had 0 o'clock Shi disconnect, achieved "0 voted cut" function, is voted cut low voltage power capacitor Shi produced of inrush current is small, back shipped low voltage power capacitor Shi not occurred burning arc situation, extended has low voltage power capacitor and switch electrical itself of using life, also reduced has voted cut low voltage power capacitor on grid of impact, improved has grid of power quality. Stabilized with magnetic latching relay SCR switching actions to reduce system power consumption.