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Practical Functions Of Intelligent Capacitor
- Aug 25, 2016 -

Intelligent capacitor is a modular structure, small volume, easy field wiring and easy maintenance. Only need to increase the number of modules to achieve expansion of reactive power compensation systems. Intelligent capacitor has many special features, such as:

(1) Intelligent reactive compensating controller operating mode: when multiple intelligent capacitor in parallel with each operating mode of capacitor, also available through network and intelligent reactive power compensation controller and upload parameters, accept an intelligent reactive power compensation controller parameter settings and control commands

(2) Intelligent capacitor can automatically collect circuit voltages, currents, active, reactive parameters, detecting harmonics;

(3) according to the acquisition parameters for reactive power compensation control algorithms, decided a single intelligence levels, cycle switching of capacitors;

(4) the intelligent capacitor with overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit, over current, harmonics, unbalance, overtemperature protection and self-diagnostics function;

(5) communication interface, upload intelligent capacitor operating mode parameters and circuit information in real time.