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Metal Film Capacitor Structure And Feature Of Several Capacitors
- Aug 25, 2016 -

Capacitors are commonly used in electronic equipment, electronic components, in the previous article, we learned why capacitors pass AC, DC resistance, also refers to the many types of capacitors, but did not elaborate on all capacitors, we on the structure and characteristics of several common capacitors with a brief introduction, for your reference.

1. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors:

It is made of aluminum-cylinder making the cathode, filled with liquid electrolyte, inserts made of a curved aluminum cathode. Subject to DC voltage, and anode oxide film formed on medium. Which is characterized by large capacity, but leakage, poor stability, there are positive and negative polarity, for power supply filtering or in low frequency circuits, when used, positive and negative don't answer back.

2. Tantalum and niobium capacitors:

It uses tantalum or niobium metal anode, cathode with distribution such as dilute sulfuric acid solution, use tantalum or niobium surface oxide film dielectric is made. Its characteristics are: small size, capacity, performance, stability and long service life. Insulation resistance. Temperature performance, with high requirements in equipment.

3. Ceramic capacitors:

Ceramic media. On a ceramic substrate sprayed silver layer on both sides, and burns film as plates made of silver. Its characteristics are: small size, good heat resistance, low loss, high insulation resistance, but smaller, suitable for high frequency circuits. Ferroelectric ceramic capacitance is large, but large losses and temperature coefficient, suitable for low-frequency circuits.