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Kinds And Characteristics Of Metallized Film Capacitors
- Aug 25, 2016 -

Now, due to the rapid development of electronic information industry, capacitors with a large electronics industry developed. But now there exists a wide range of capacitors, we've seen may be a fraction, but it doesn't matter, man, that is never too old to learn, the following will give you a brief introduction of metallized film capacitors under type and characteristics.

1. CL21/CBB21 metal film capacitor, the metallized polyester/polypropylene film for capacitors are used for medium/non-inductive winding way, epoxy resin coating from;

Characteristics: excellent performance, high reliability, high temperature resistant, wide capacitance range, small size, self-healing is a good, long life characteristics;

Role: TV sets, computer monitors and energy-saving lamps, ballast, communications equipment, computer network equipment, electronic toys, such as DC and VHF signals across DC, bypass and coupling/high frequency, AC and pulse, coupled circuit in the filter, FM, DC isolation and time control, and so on.

2. CBB22 (MKP91) metallized polypropylene film capacitors for DC. The capacitor is metallized polypropylene film as dielectric and electrode, flame-resistant insulation material coated unidirectional leads;

Characteristics: good performance, good reliability, low loss and good healing properties;

Use: this product is widely used in the instrument, the instrument, TV, radios and household appliance lines of DC ripple, pulse and AC voltage will be used, particularly suitable for all types of energy-saving lamps and electronic ballasts.