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Intelligent Capacitor Usage Considerations
- Aug 25, 2016 -

Smart poles of the capacitor has the characteristic of residual charge left, so first try to charge it, or prone to electric shock accident. When dealing with failed capacitors, should first of all open the intelligent capacitor circuit breakers and isolating switches, fuse protection, you should first remove the fuse tube. At this point, intelligent capacitor discharge resistance has been discharged on their own, but there will still be some residual charge, therefore, you must manually discharge.

Discharge, to the earth terminal of the ground wire and grounding wire mesh fixed, ground rod several times to discharge the capacitor again, until the non-sparking and discharging so far, finally grounding wire is secured. Meanwhile, it should be noted that intelligent capacitor if you have an internal line, fuse or when poor wire contact, there may be residual charges between its poles, and when the automatic discharge or artificial discharge, which charge is not going to be put off. Operation or maintenance personnel in contact before the capacitor, you should also wear insulated gloves, and shorter route fault intelligent capacitor shorted the Poles so that it discharges. In addition, the series connection mode of capacitor discharge should also be individually.