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Electronic Components Industry And Market Focus
- Aug 25, 2016 -

China electronic components industry stable development in recent years, China's output of electronics products accounted for about 30% of global production, the highest in the world. But judging from the sales, total global sales of electronic components in China are not high. China production of capacitor, and resistance device, and magnetic materials, and electronic transformer, and pressure electric quartz crystal devices, and electric sound devices, and micro-special motor, and printed circuit board of production has home world first, and half above of products export international market, printed circuit board, and electric sound devices, and micro-special motor, and electric received plug components, and capacitor and electronic transformer, is China electronic components export earned of pillar products. However, in recent years, the China electronics import and export trade deficit growing, partly under the influence of rapid growth of processing trade, on the one hand-made components not suited to high-end products for the growing market of conflicts more and more prominent. New features, new structure and high performance components are still imported, the whole localization rate is still low.

According to the characteristics of China electronic components industry, positioning of the components industry in the coming years can be considered from the following 4 aspects. First, the development of electronic components in China must be market-oriented and closely follow development trends of digital and network technology, and constantly develop new products, improve technology level, speed up the development of new type electronic components, electronic components produced by the producer to transition. Second, breaking through the key technical, electronics enterprises to speed up the construction of technological innovation system, enhance the competitiveness of the industry as a whole. Third, the chip is an important direction of electronic components, not only the market demand and fully embodies the characteristics of economies of scale, if a combination preparation products and raw materials, such as materials, components, equipment, instruments, industrial chains, industrial scale more, pull more obvious benefits. Finally, to grasp the international electronic information industry adjustment and transfer opportunities, promoting a higher level of international cooperation in the capital as the link, adjusting the industrial structure and product mix, improve management and fostering China's electronics company, to build world-class enterprises and products, efforts to improve the domestic and international market share, continue to maintain electronic components faster growth in China.