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Detection Of Variable Capacitors
- Aug 25, 2016 -

A gently rotate the hinge should feel very smooth, sometimes feel loose when it should not even tight sticking phenomenon. Will be provided with front, back, top, bottom, left, or right in all directions, such as promotion, the shaft should not be loose.

B Rotary shaft with one hand and the other hand touch the outer edge of the rotor group should not feel any loosening. Poor contact between shaft and rotor variable capacitor, can no longer continue to use.

C put the multimeter Rx10k block, hand two tables respectively capacitors of rotor and stator Terminal part, one hand and slowly rotate the shaft back and forth a few, pointer multimeter should be infinite position still. In the process of rotating shaft, if sometimes point to zero, indicating there is short circuit between rotor and stator; if you hit a certain point, meter readings are not infinite but some resistance, that capacitors there is leakage between rotor and stator.