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CD60 Motor Start Capacitor Repair Technology Is Not Demanding
- Jul 07, 2017 -

No matter what kind of CD60 CD60 Motor Start Capacitor Capacitor, in the beginning of the motor has a starting role. But when the motor reaches the rated speed of 75 [%] or so, the starting capacitor is automatically disconnected by the centrifugal switch, while the running capacitor is to accompany the motor to continue to work. CD60 Motor Start Capacitor process, in fact, is the "column phase" process. Because the single-phase motor and three-phase motor is not the same, there is no phase difference, can not produce rotating magnetic field. The role of the capacitor is to make the CD60 Motor Start Capacitoring winding current in time and space, ahead of the operation of the winding 90 electrical angle, the formation of phase difference. Among them, the running capacitor also plays a role in balancing the current between the main and auxiliary windings. Starting capacitor is a short time for the work, pressure requirements above 250V on the line, and running the capacitor to work for a long time, requiring pressure at 400V or more.

You say "electric ho" is the kind of drill hole drilling? This depends on the general motor or asynchronous motor. In the former it is the speed of the capacitor, generally only a few UF, the latter capacitor is running, mostly below 20UF. Of course there are large, which mainly depends on the size of the motor power. On the "smoke" problem, the motor should be too large current, winding overheating so short circuit burned, most of the capacitor is not the problem. Capacitive short-circuit breakdowns rarely see smoke, and sometimes can smell a special smell.

For you that kind of motor, almost no can not buy the accessories, capacitors generally as long as a few dollars a dozen yuan. Repair of the technology is not demanding, ordinary motor repairer can generally be resolved.

Start capacitor is to make a single CD60 Motor Start Capacitoring coil in the start when the power, start off,

Running capacitor is to allow the motor to run in the capacitor compensation, so the starting capacitor can not be less, and the running capacitor can not.

Single-phase power can not produce a rotating magnetic field.To make single-phase motor can automatically rotate up, you can add a starting winding in the stator, the starting winding and the main winding in the space difference of 90 degrees, starting winding to connect a suitable capacitor, So that the current with the main winding phase difference of 90 degrees, the so-called phase separation principle. So that the two in time difference of 90 degrees of the current into the two space difference of 90 degrees in the winding, will produce a rotating magnetic field in the space, in this rotating magnetic field, the rotor will be able to start their own rotation.

It has two windings, the general main winding diameter is larger, there is a start winding, start winding series in a capacitor, it is the voltage delay of 90 degrees, so that the two groups of different magnetic field, the formation of a rotating magnetic field , The motor turned up.

To split start, for example, simply say, by the auxiliary starting winding to assist the start, the starting torque is not. The operating rate is roughly constant. Mainly used in electric fans, air-conditioning fan motors, washing machines and other motors.

AC motor rotation depends on the current generated by the rotating magnetic field. Three-phase motor flows through the phase difference of 120 degrees of three-phase current, can produce rotating magnetic field. And single-phase motor flow through the single-phase current can not produce a rotating magnetic field, you need to take a certain method to produce a rotating magnetic field, with the capacitor is one of the methods, but also the most common method.

The CD60 CD60 Motor Start Capacitor Capacitor is used for phase separation in order to produce a phase difference of nearly 90 ゜ in the current in the two Rao groups to produce a rotating magnetic field. Three-phase electricity, the current between the two phases itself has a phase difference, do not split phase.

Capacitive induction motors have two windings, namely, start winding and operating windings. The two windings are spatially different by 90 degrees. A capacitor with a larger capacity is connected in series with the windings. When the winding and the start winding are connected via a single alternating current, the current in the starting winding is in the order of 90 degrees above the current of the operating winding due to the effect of the capacitor. value. Forming two identical pulsed magnetic fields in time and space, creating a rotating magnetic field in the air gap between the stator and the rotor. Under the action of the rotating magnetic field, an induced current is generated in the motor rotor, and the current interacts with the rotating magnetic field Electromagnetic field torque to rotate the motor.