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CBB65 Compressor Capacitor Reduce The Fit Gap Between The Compressor Mechanical Parts
- Jun 06, 2017 -

1, the CBB65 Compressor Capacitor damage:

First, the compressor terminal wiring is not correct and burn the motor; second, the system refrigerant leakage; because the rotary compressor high-pressure gas in the discharge of the compressor at the same time, also bear the heat generated by the motor to take responsibility. If the system refrigerant leakage, there will be only a small amount of high-pressure gas discharge compressor, so that the compressor motor in the state of the heat generated by the aggregation has been gathered, the long run, will lead to compressor motor burned. When the compressor stall, the first should try to exclude the motor factors, so first measure the insulation resistance of the motor and the main and auxiliary coil to determine whether the motor burned.

2, the CBB65 Compressor Capacitor  problem:

First, the capacitor is damaged (short circuit, open circuit); second, the capacitor specifications and compressor does not match. This applies only to single-phase compressors. Because the three-phase compressor is used in three-phase induction motor, which is due to the stator core into the three-phase AC, and produce a rotating magnetic field, so no capacitors.

3, the thermal protection of the CBB65 Compressor Capacitor frequent action;

First, the thermal protector is not normal; can be found by the compressor manufacturers to provide specifications on this performance and text description.

Second, the power cord wiring is unreasonable (the compressor terminal wiring is not correct, or inverter air conditioner inverter phase loss operation: that is, check the three-phase current to see if there is a short circuit, open circuit), low voltage start.

Third, the system is not balanced to start the high and low; the general requirements of the air conditioner shut down at least 3 minutes after the boot; there may be the system's capillary flow is too small due to high and low pressure can not be balanced as soon as possible.

In the long-term shutdown and low temperature, the refrigerant inside the compressor is dissolved in the refrigerating machine oil, so that the liquid level (liquid refrigerant (liquid refrigerant) And the mixture of lubricating oil) is raised, and at the time of starting, the liquid refrigerant in the enclosed shell is evaporated from the dissolved lubricating oil to produce a strong foaming phenomenon. Especially when the ambient temperature is particularly low, the foaming phenomenon is particularly serious, so that the liquid level drops sharply, if the oil drops below the oil surface, there will be off the oil, the pump bite, and thus stalled, the current surge , Thermal protector action.

4, the phenomenon of copper plating or rust, that is, the system of water: the cooling system has strict requirements on the water, the general provisions of the refrigeration system moisture content of less than 0.2ml. If the moisture intrusion into the compressor, the CBB65 Compressor Capacitor will produce the following serious hazards:

First: compressor mechanical parts copper, rust. When the copper and rust to a certain extent, will reduce the compressor mechanical parts between the gap, serious can lead to compressor stall.

Second, the motor coil paint film, insulation materials, etc. are corroded, leading to motor short circuit;

Third, the deterioration of refrigerant and refrigeration oil.

Fourth, the leaf spring brittle, broken.

In general, the intrusion of moisture may be caused by incomplete vacuum or low pressure side refrigerant leakage.

5, the CBB65 Compressor Capacitor abnormal wear

First, the gap between the internal parts of the compressor is small, which is generally the problem of the compressor itself

Second, the problem of frozen oil:

A: Poor return hole

B: The oil seal is insufficient, or the oil is leaked with the refrigerant

C: oil and carbon deterioration This is generally because the system refrigerant leakage, the frozen oil overheat carbonization, which is part of the compressor mechanical parts can not be effective lubrication, serious compressor can be stalled.

D: the system back to the oil bad oil in the compressor to play a lubricating effect, can effectively prevent the mechanical parts of the pump wear, and its oil seal to maintain the pressure between high and low pressure, to avoid high and low pressure string to prevent the cooling capacity decline. In addition, due to the continuous circulation of frozen oil, but also in time to take away the friction between the surface heat. When the amount of frozen oil is insufficient, the mechanical parts inside the compressor can not get timely lubrication and abnormal loss occurs, and eventually lead to compressor stall.

System bad oil mainly for the following reasons:

(1) indoor and outdoor pipe length and drop beyond the specified value; general provisions of indoor and outdoor connecting pipe shall not exceed 15m, the maximum gap of 5m.

(2) the system of capillary clogging or unreasonable selection and indoor heat exchanger disaggregation caused by the refrigerant is not completely evaporated to return to the compressor, because it is not completely evaporative flow rate is relatively slow frozen oil may be attached Heat exchanger tube wall, resulting in poor solution, with the impact of the system to improve the ability and back and forth fluctuations.

(3) the system refrigerant leaked away the frozen oil, and fill the fluorine when the oil did not add the system caused by poor oil return.

6, the compressor has a foreign body into: the compressor itself with impurities and air conditioning system to bring impurities.