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CBB65 Compressor Capacitor Long Service Life
- Jun 28, 2017 -

Generally speaking, the CBB65 Compressor Capacitor jump machine, refers to the CBB65 Compressor Capacitor overload protection disconnect, causing the CBB65 Compressor Capacitor outage. General overload protection after the recovery of a long time to recover, then the CBB65 Compressor Capacitor can not be used normally. There are many reasons for the trip, the most common is the high temperature jump machine, especially in the high temperature of the summer, but there are some other common reasons exist, maintenance has a certain degree of difficulty. Unfamiliar after-sales maintenance personnel encounter such problems will feel more "tricky", through this article, you can take the "exclusion law", the reasons for the failure to exclude one by one.

1, with pressure to start

On-site inspection of the CBB65 Compressor Capacitor oil and gas bucket on the mechanical pressure gauge, such as the pressure gauge shows a pressure, the initial determination may exist system is not completely pressure relief, resulting in CBB65 Compressor Capacitor pressure start, resulting in high starting current caused by the air switch to protect the unit and trip The Because in the screw air CBB65 Compressor Capacitor often appear due to the minimum pressure valve failure, or pressure relief system blockage caused by the CBB65 Compressor Capacitor shutdown, the system still exists in the phenomenon of pressure.

Pressure gauge shows the pressure there are two possibilities: First, the system is indeed with pressure; Second, the pressure gauge is damaged, can not be normal zero. The method of judgment is to open the system can be depressurized device or valve, when the pressure relief valve is opened and found in the oil and gas tank pressure gauge shows there is still pressure, then the system has no pressure, the pressure gauge can not be zero; , Then the system with pressure.

2, head resistance is too large

Head resistance over the General Assembly caused the CBB65 Compressor Capacitor start current is too large, that is, the CBB65 Compressor Capacitor overload, resulting in air switch trip. The role of lubricating oil in the screw CBB65 Compressor Capacitor is essential, its role mainly in the four major aspects: cooling, lubrication, sealing, noise reduction, and the oil is good or bad, the amount of oil directly affect the normal CBB65 Compressor Capacitor Operation and CBB65 Compressor Capacitor life, especially for the CBB65 Compressor Capacitor part of the impact of the most obvious. There are three main cases leading to increased resistance to the nose:

(1) Lubricant viscosity. The temperature in the southern region varies greatly with the seasons, and the ambient temperature in summer can be as high as about 40 ℃. The minimum temperature in winter is as low as below zero. According to the characteristics of the viscosity of the lubricating oil in general, the viscosity of the lubricating oil is obviously higher than that of the past.

(2) head screw and star wheel coke (single screw CBB65 Compressor Capacitor). Screw CBB65 Compressor Capacitor work done mainly through the screw and star wheel meshing to complete, the gap between the screw and the star wheel determines the efficiency of the CBB65 Compressor Capacitor to do work efficiency. If the gap is too large, the gas between the star and the screw is large, the load is large, and the energy consumption of the motor is large. The coke in the head can cause the gap between the star and the screw to decrease, the frictional resistance in the engagement is large, the current of the CBB65 Compressor Capacitor increases, and the twin screw is the same as the reason.

(3) too much oil in the head. The head of the oil outlet valve failure, after the CBB65 Compressor Capacitor shutdown, the oil valve is not closed in time, a large number of lubricants were pressed into the nose, resulting in start the process of starting resistance is too large, the current increases lead to overload protection trip The

Processing methods are:

(1) Artificial turntable is the CBB65 Compressor Capacitor power components, transmission parts and linkage components connected and free rotation of the most basic detection methods. Through the CBB65 Compressor Capacitor manual wheel, to check the nose and motor can be free to turn, and according to the experience of the past to determine the rotation of its resistance to increase or not. When the ambient temperature is low (from the unit to show the exhaust port temperature to determine the current ambient temperature), the resistance may be due to temperature reduction, oil viscosity caused by increased. As the viscosity of the lubricating oil in the head increases, the starting current of the motor becomes larger and the start time of the CBB65 Compressor Capacitor is prolonged. Can be extended on the air switch on the motor to ensure that the safety of the time to extend a little (extended too much may lead to a higher level of air switch take off, thus affecting other electrical equipment) to meet the oil viscosity increases When the CBB65 Compressor Capacitor start time to extend, to ensure the normal start of the CBB65 Compressor Capacitor.

(2) the head of the oil coke is screw CBB65 Compressor Capacitor in the poor oil or high temperature often the phenomenon of the phenomenon, due to head coking, screw and star wheel gap between the smaller, in the rotation process friction Resistance increases, the unit load increases, the current increases. Serious when the screw and the star wheel is bonded with oil coke, the unit can not be free to turn.

(3) the head of the oil pipe on the function of the oil valve is shut down in the unit, the timely cut off the oil pipe to prevent the oil and gas tank due to the pressure of a large number of lubricating oil into the nose, causing the nose oil many. So after the machine in the machine after the lubricant is too much lead to the CBB65 Compressor Capacitor start-up one of the reasons. The most straightforward way to solve the problem of lubricating oil in the head is to open the head cover and release the lubricating oil inside the head while repairing or replacing the oil trap valve.

3, electrical equipment failure

Many users use the 380 V low-voltage motor, the use of star delta conversion step-down start mode start, early by the star way to run, when the start 10 s CBB65 Compressor Capacitor operation after the trip to triangular mode of operation. Such as the star delta switch switch failure, can not be normal star delta conversion, will lead to CBB65 Compressor Capacitor start 10s after the trip. In addition, the air switch in the course of the use of vibration and other reasons, resulting in its set the start time shorter may also lead to start instantaneous trip.

To determine whether the electrical fault or mechanical failure is the most direct and effective way is to separate the motor and the nose, that is, remove the coupling / belt. CBB65 Compressor Capacitor control system with a protective device, such as not separate protection device, start the CBB65 Compressor Capacitor, the motor immediately up and running, the control panel will show the motor current is about 40A, running 10 s after the show current abnormalities, the motor automatically stop running , Because the protection unit will automatically shut down when it detects that the current is greater than 10% of the maximum current or less than 90% of the minimum current, so that it will not be possible to judge the cause of the unit's failure. When the protection off, if the mechanical reasons, the motor will run continuously; the other hand, there will be the same trip phenomenon.

Real production operation, there is a reason for the trip although relatively rare, but also exist. Electronic control system failure, such as the temperature probe false alarm, temperature relay and circuit breaker high temperature environment malfunction caused by the ultra-high temperature jump and alarm. If some of the originals on the CBB65 Compressor Capacitor power board are damaged due to various causes, work slowly generates heat, and some of them are distributed to the outside air and part of them are transferred to the control computer. The power board is installed in the electric control cabinet of the CBB65 Compressor Capacitor body, the equipment in operation there is a large vibration, to a certain extent, accelerated the heat dissipation of the capacitor, the heat generated can not be transmitted to the control computer, causing the host on the display Exhaust temperature fluctuations frequently. With the passage of time, the heat generated by the capacitor more and more, the sensor conduction heat more and more, when the control computer to set the upper limit of the temperature, the machine will automatically jump machine. The temperature at which the capacitor is delivered to the sensor varies with the heat generation value, the distribution value, and so on. When the high temperature alarm trip, the capacitor temperature is lost after the re-generate heat, a fixed time after the trip, causing the machine to repeat the high temperature trip.