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CBB61 Fan Capacitor The Scope Of Application Is Also Expanding
- Jul 18, 2017 -

el with each passing day, and the scope of application is also expanding. First, the CBB61 Fan Capacitor to the commercial market, making the CBB61 Fan Capacitor caused a wide range of people interested in research and development swept the world, not only the technological level with each passing day, and the scope of application has also been expanding.

Supercapacels, also known as electrochemical capacitors, are different from traditional electrostatic capacitors, mainly in the amount of energy stored. As the energy storage or output device, the number of its energy storage capacity for the size of the capacity. According to the mechanism of CBB61 Fan Capacitor energy storage, the principle can be divided into:

1. An electric double layer capacitor produced by the orientation of electrons and ions or dipoles at the electrode P solution interface.

The theory of electric double layer is proposed by the end of the 19th century. There are several representative theories and models for the electric double layer, of which the elm htzz model is the simplest and can fully explain the working principle of the electric double layer capacitor. The model considers that the electrostatic charge on the metal surface absorbs some of the irregularly distributed ions from the solution so that they are in the row of the solution at the interface of the electrode P solution and are separated from the electrodes by a distance to form a charge and the electrode surface remaining The number of charges is equal to the opposite sign layer. Thus, two charge layers are formed on the electrodes and in the solution, which is what we usually talk about.

In the two-dimensional and quasi-two-dimensional spaces in the electrode surface or in the body phase, the electroactive material undergoes under-potential deposition, resulting in highly reversible chemical adsorption, desorption or redox reaction, resulting in a Faraday quasi-capacitor associated with the electrode charge potential.

In the electroactive material, as the electrochemical process present in the Faraday charge transfer chemical change occurs, underpotential deposition or redox occurs on the polarized electrode, the charge-discharge behavior is similar to that of the capacitor, and unlike the secondary battery, The difference is:

(1) the voltage on the polarized electrode is almost linearly related to the amount of electricity;

(2) When the voltage and time into a linear relationship d V / dt = K, the capacitor charge and discharge current is a constant value of I = Cd V / dt = CK. This process is a dynamic reversible process, and the secondary battery is different Similar to static electricity. The difference between the Faraday capacitor and the electric double layer capacitor is that the electric double layer capacitor needs to consume the electrolyte during the charging process, while the Faraday capacitor remains relatively stable throughout the charge and discharge process.

The Faraday quasi-capacitance is generated not only on the surface of the electrode but also within the electrode. The maximum charge and discharge capacity is controlled by the ion orientation and charge transfer rate on the surface of the electroactive material. Therefore, charge transfer can be carried out in a short time, High specific power (specific power greater than 500W / kg).

CBB61 Fan Capacitor has excellent pulse charge and discharge and large capacity energy storage performance, the monomer capacity has reached a million standard level is between an electrostatic capacitor and the battery between the energy storage components. Compared with ordinary capacitors and batteries, CBB61 Fan Capacitors have many batteries can not match the advantages.

1. Has a very high power density. Capacitor power density of the battery 10 to 100 times, up to 10kW / kg or so, in a short time to release hundreds to thousands of amps of current. This feature makes the CBB61 Fan Capacitor very suitable for short-term high-power output of the occasion.

2. Fast charging speed. CBB61 Fan Capacitor charging is a double-layer charge and discharge of the physical process or the electrode material surface fast, reversible chemical process, can use high current charging, in tens of seconds to several minutes to complete the charging process, is the real sense of fast Charge.

While the battery will take hours to complete the charge, the use of fast charging also takes tens of minutes.

3. Long service life Supercapacitor charge and discharge process occurred in the electrochemical reaction has a good reversibility, less likely to occur similar to the active material in the battery crystal transition, shedding, dendrites through the diaphragm and a series of life-end phenomenon, the carbon capacitor theory Cycle life is infinite, the actual up to 100000 times, 10 to 100 times higher than the battery.

4. Low temperature performance is superior. Supercapacitor charge and discharge process occurs in most of the charge transfer in the electrode active material surface, so the capacity with the temperature attenuation is very small. The battery capacity at low temperature attenuation can be as high as 70%.