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CBB61 Fan Capacitor Safe Operation Of The Equipment
- Aug 08, 2017 -

CBB61 Fan Capacitor group using the commonly used star connection, three-phase body connected to the same iron frame, frame grounding. The internal structure of the CBB61 Fan Capacitor for a number of components in parallel with the four-string structure, and set the fuse protection, maintenance personnel and manufacturers of damaged CBB61 Fan Capacitors on the anatomy and found that the damaged CBB61 Fan Capacitor A, B phase fuse are broken two, Outside the envelope rupture, after careful analysis, that a fuse fuse two, resulting in outsourcing damage, in the case of external package injury, long-term operation developed into a shell breakdown, and developed into a single-phase ground. As the single-phase ground is unstable arc grounding, so that the sound phase to produce over-voltage and the other phase there are two fuse blows, the outer package caused by the impact of over-voltage under the impact of the shell into the shell breakdown, resulting in phase-to-phase short circuit, Reliable action, but the huge short-circuit current generated by the thermal effect, still cause a certain degree of damage to the CBB61 Fan Capacitor, the CBB61 Fan Capacitor shell serious deformation.

In addition, due to the existence of a large number of non-linear load in the grid, making the harmonic in the grid occupies a certain content. 110kV Zhanghe substation in addition to serving as suburban residents of electricity, mainly as industrial power supply, in addition to a few 10kV industrial green, the other 10kV line there are some small chemical plants, foundries and other industrial users, these users may produce harmonics. Although the harmonics generated by each household is very small, it can be aggregated into a larger harmonic current into the grid, so that the harmonic level of the grid increases, affecting the safe operation of the grid equipment. Because of the reactive power compensation device of this substation, the reactance rate of 6 is arranged. If the reactance rate of 6 can suppress the harmonics of 5 times or more, the series reactor and the compensation CBB61 Fan Capacitor The impedance of the capacitive, the emergence of harmonic current amplification phenomenon, the CBB61 Fan Capacitor overload. Although the bus to the 5th harmonic-based, third harmonic content is not very high, and the installation of CBB61 Fan Capacitors, the capacitive impedance of the original third harmonic content amplification, may cause the fuse fuse. As the total protection by the four sets of CBB61 Fan Capacitors rated current 1.3 times the set, and four groups of CBB61 Fan Capacitors into the situation very little. When a certain period of time the harmonic content is high, the total overcurrent protection can not move, resulting in a fuse within a fuse, and the fuse can not be found after the fuse, resulting in accident expansion, resulting in quick trip.

From the protection configuration, the protection of the internal fault of the CBB61 Fan Capacitor only set the fuse protection, but not set up to cause the accident to expand the backup protection - unbalanced voltage protection, so that the fuse can not be found after the fuse, resulting in quick trip accident, Therefore, the imperfect protection is the main reason for the expansion of CBB61 Fan Capacitor accidents.

In addition, the measurement of capacitance from time to time is also one of the reasons for the expansion of the accident. Since the most direct response of the internal device of the CBB61 Fan Capacitor is the change of the capacitance and the capacitance measurement method is backward, the measurement method of the capacitance of the CBB61 Fan Capacitor is adopted, and the measurement method of removing the connecting line is adopted, which not only makes trouble, but also may cause the sleeve Pipe failure and casing failure occurred. Therefore, since the operation has been carried out since the maintenance personnel have never conducted capacitance measurement, but not set the reaction CBB61 Fan Capacitor internal fault protection, when the internal fuse within the individual fuse, can not be found in time, resulting in the accident to expand.

CBB61 Fan Capacitors have a wide variety of types. CBB61 Fan Capacitors to produce materials can be divided into ceramic CBB61 Fan Capacitors, tantalum electrolytic CBB61 Fan Capacitors, aluminum electrolytic CBB61 Fan Capacitors. In particular, multi-layer ceramic CBB61 Fan Capacitors, the volume is small but large capacity, often used to decoupling, power supply voltage smoothing, filtering and other circuits. Has recently become a mobile phone, TV performance is an indispensable component.