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CBB60 Motor Run Capacitor Has Excellent Running Performance
- Aug 08, 2017 -

When the single-phase motor stator winding through the sinusoidal current, the motor produces an alternating magnetic field, the strength and direction of the magnetic field with sinusoidal changes over time, but the orientation is fixed,CBB60 Motor Run Capacitor the magnetic field is alternating pulsating magnetic field. The alternating pulsating magnetic field can be decomposed into two rotating magnetic fields with the same rotational speed and opposite directions of rotation. When the rotor is stationary, the two rotating magnetic fields produce two equal and opposite torques in the rotor, The torque is zero, so the motor can not rotate. When we use the external force to rotate the motor in a certain direction (such as clockwise rotation), then the rotor and the clockwise rotation of the rotating magnetic field between the cutting magnetic field movement smaller;CBB60 Motor Run Capacitor rotor and counterclockwise rotation between the rotating magnetic field The total magnetic torque generated by the rotor will no longer be zero and the rotor will rotate in the direction of pushing. To make the single-phase motor can automatically rotate, we add a starting winding in the stator, the starting winding and the main winding in the space difference of 90 degrees, the starting winding in series with a suitable capacitor, making the main winding current in phase Approximate difference of 90 degrees, is divided. So that the two in the time difference of 90 degrees of the current into the two space difference of 90 degrees in the winding, will be generated in space (two-phase) rotating magnetic field, in this rotating magnetic field,CBB60 Motor Run Capacitor the rotor can automatically start rotation stand up. The operating capacitor is exactly the same as the starting capacitor, and the running capacitor allows the current of the secondary winding to run 90 ° ahead of the current (main) winding, resulting in a rotating magnetic field that rotates the motor and has excellent operating performance. Only to start the larger capacity of the capacitor, so the starting current is larger, you can get a larger starting torque, but long-term operation will start the winding heat. When the start is complete, the centrifugal switch switches to a smaller capacity running capacitor to maintain the rotating magnetic field and avoid starting the winding heat.

If there is no starting capacitor is the case: the motor will produce two power after the same speed, turn to the opposite of the rotating magnetic field, the two magnetic field generated by the torque together to 0, so the rotor can not rotate, but if it is a External force, you can rotate, the external force is clockwise clockwise, the external force is counterclockwise to counterclockwise, but only for the case of little torque,CBB60 Motor Run Capacitor you can not start the capacitor is also possible. So if you want to automatically turn to add a capacitor, the capacitor is added to the start winding, the difference is 90 degrees in space, it will produce an additional rotating magnetic field, it is equivalent to external force. At this point will rotate, when the speed reaches a certain speed after centrifugal force to start the winding switch off, and then the main winding in the role of it to rotate.

If the running capacitor is missing, the motor can be started, but the output power becomes smaller (often manifested as reduced load capacity). In the case of little torque,CBB60 Motor Run Capacitor you can not run the capacitor! Its own rotation will be maintained, if the torque is large, it must be added to run the capacitor, making it produce full magnetic field drag rotation to continue running.

Single-phase dual-value capacitor asynchronous motor, also known as "capacitor start and run", refers to the starting capacitor and running capacitance of the motor. The starting capacitor is mainly to improve the starting torque of the motor, when the motor reaches about 75% of the rated speed,CBB60 Motor Run Capacitor by the detachment device from the motor to start the winding off. This start-up device is generally called "centrifugal switch", also useful to work out. The operating capacitor also has the effect of starting the motor at the start of the motor, but it keeps running with the motor. Its main role is to balance the motor main winding and secondary winding between the electromagnetic relationship, reduce the electromagnetic dead ends, in order to maximize the motor power, reduce noise and vibration.

Single-capacitor motor to be divided into two cases. The first is called "capacitor start", the only effect of this capacitor is to help the motor to start, this type is generally used in the power of more than 300W relatively large single-phase motor. The second is called "capacitor running",CBB60 Motor Run Capacitor this capacitor that has the function of starting and running. This type is generally used in the following 300w motor. Principle Ibid.

Summary: If you use the same volume of the core, the capacitor to start the power to the next, the noise should be large, shock to point. On the contrary, the capacitor running power, noise, low vibration. Capacitor start and run to overcome the above two shortcomings, carry forward the advantages. For low-power motors, because the starting torque is small, if the increase in the centrifugal device, that is, increase the cost, but also increase the volume, Moreover, there is no practical impact on the start, so the general use of capacitor running.