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Capacitors Have To Be Additional Features
- Aug 25, 2016 -

Capacitors, metallized film capacitors in particular, we have said a lot, but for some capacitors must not know much additional functionality, and we talk about it today.

1, zero-cross switching: intelligent zero-cross switching switching circuits, realization of voltage inputs, resection of zero current, useless Liu switching impact, no operation over-voltage, no restriking, greatly improving the withstand voltage of the equipment, electrical storms, power consumption, reducing the energy consumption of conventional capacitors inside 80%.

2, split-phase compensation: for single-phase compensation, respectively, solutions to three-phase unbalanced load conditions, the larger gap is a separate reactive power compensation, achieve optimal effect.

3, energy saving and consumption reduction: volume about 50% can save land around steel, wood, plastic stool resource 50%, conductor loss and joint damage, devices such as power loss is less about 50%.

4, the temperature protection: equipped with temperature sensors, can reflect the capacitor overcurrent, Harmonic, leakage flow and environment temperature is too high, causing capacitor internal heat. Achieve over temperature protection, exceeds the set temperature automatically after removal of capacitor, decommissioning, reach the purpose of protective equipment.