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Power capacitor in China continue to steal market opportunities
- Aug 25, 2016 -

Energy-saving principle: reduce unwanted power consumption

-Healing low voltage shunt capacitor is strongly recommended the use of the best energy-saving products. Each motor consumption power, respectively, are really useful (kW) and reactive waste. -Healing effect of low voltage shunt capacitors is to improve the power factor, fewer unnecessary power consumption.

Through improved power factor reduces the total current in the circuit and the power supply system of electric components such as transformers, electrical equipment, wire capacity, therefore not only reduces investment costs, but also reduce their power consumption.

II through good power factor values ensure, thereby reducing the loss of voltage in the power supply, you can make the load voltage is more stable, improving power quality.

③ most directly reflected in order to reduce electricity costs by the users. Through each element of loss reduction and power factor improvement of tariff concessions.