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Performance characteristics of power capacitors, power capacitors applications
- Aug 25, 2016 -

1, modular structure

Smart power capacitor for a modular structure, small size, easy field wiring • easy maintenance • only need to increase the number of modules to achieve expansion of reactive power compensation systems ·

2, high quality capacitors

Built-in temperature sensor for self-healing low-voltage capacitor capacitor 91 reflects the extent of capacitor internal heat, achieving over temperature protection •

3. embedded switch switch modules

Built-in intelligent power capacitor switching switching module. switching switch modules from Silicon} there, magnetic relays, zero-crossing trigger a conducting circuit and protection circuit silicon} there, realize zero switching capacitor "and ensure no inrush current during impact, no overvoltage. switch module action fast response, frequent operation.

4. perfect protection design

Intelligent power capacitor with power failure protection, short circuit protection, voltage phase capacitors for protection, over-temperature protection, effective protection of capacitor safety, extend the life of equipment.

5, advanced control technology

Controlling physical quantities for reactive power and reactive power flow pre-Qing delay multi-point sampling technique of barium, ensure switching non-oscillatory. overload, the reactive power is fully compensated.

6. switching oscillation technique

Unique design, preventing the controller had no compensation or compensation arising from the crash site, preventing the capacitor oscillator.

7, automatic compensation of reactive power

Intelligent power capacitor according to load size of the reactive power auto-switching and dynamic reactive power compensation, power quality improvement. intelligent capacitor can be single use, also the Taiwan Solidarity Union.

8, CorelDraw

Display current, voltage and reactive power and other operating parameters.

Display the switch, combination switch module fault status, communication status.