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Launch day for in-vehicle ECU 125 ℃ aluminum electrolytic capacitors have 4,000 hours of lifetime
- Aug 25, 2016 -

Japan your mic work release compared with the company's products in the past life extended to twice times the v-chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors "MHL series." Ensures that the Works 2000 or at + 125 ℃ 4,000 hours, will extend the product life to the previous product "MVH series" twice times.

The products for automotive ECU (Electric Control Unit, the electronic control unit) use, especially suitable for engines equipped with the ECU. Your mic work detail, capacitor in high temperature for engine ECU for strict limits while driving under the influence of radiant heat of the engine needs to work in a high temperature environment and stop external low temperature and low temperature resistance is required. In particular, is required in low temperature-40 ℃ to + 125 ℃ high temperature zone of large temperature range with good thermal stability.

John Milton had previously launched your affordable MVH series + 125 ℃ high temperature aluminum electrolytic capacitors, the MHL collection was its follow-up products. Major improvements to: + 125 ℃ to extend the life of the original twice times than MVH equal product of ESR (equivalent series resistance) lower realize miniaturization (in the same capacitance rated voltage of 16V product comparison and 35V).

New product's long life is achieved through the following means. Through the introduction of new composition of electrolytes and high sealing performance of sealing materials, inhibiting the electrolyte evaporation, resulting in thermal stability at high temperatures; ESR improvement and miniaturization is achieved through the use of low impedance electrolytic paper and expanded aluminum foil on the realized electrode area.

MHL series, rated voltage 35V and the electrostatic capacity of 100 μ f (size φ 6.3mmx8mm) model will take the lead from the beginning in June 2012 offering supplies, others scheduled to start from August 2012 sample delivery. Plans starting in October 2012 in your mic Miyagi started production.