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Electrolytic Capacitor of electrical parameter
- Aug 25, 2016 -

1, capacitance

Electrolytic Capacitor capacity value depends on when the AC voltages of impedance. Tolerance value

Is AC capacitance, frequency, voltage and measurement methods vary. In the standard

JISC 5102 requires: aluminum electrolytic capacitor capacitance measurement condition is at 120Hz, the largest

Flow voltage for 0.5Vrms,DC of bias voltage is 1.5 ~ 2.0V conditions. I can assert that,

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor capacity decreases with increasing frequency.

2, the dissipation factor Tan δ

In the equivalent circuit of capacitor, equivalent series resistance ESR and capacitance c 1/ω ratio known as Ta

N δ, where ESR is calculated in the 120Hz value. Obviously, with Tan δ measurement frequency

Increases larger, along with the measurement of the temperature decreases and increases.

3, the impedance z

At certain frequencies, for blocking AC current through the resistance that is called the impedance (Z). It and

Capacitance equivalent circuit for capacitance and inductance values are closely related, and are also related to the ESR.

Z = √ [ESR2 + (XL - XC)2 ]

And c XC = 1/ω = π 1/2 fC

XL = ωL = 2πfL

Capacitive reactance (XC) in the low frequency range with increasing frequency gradually decreases, continued to increase in frequency

Intermediate frequency range is reached reactance (XL) down to the ESR value. When the frequency reaches the high frequency inductive reactance (XL)

Becomes dominant, so the impedance increases as the frequency increases.