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Effect of electrolytic capacitor in the circuit
- Aug 25, 2016 -

1 filtering role in power circuits, Rectifier AC ripple in DC, and after rectification circuit access a larger-capacity electrolytic capacitors, its charging and discharging characteristics of rectified DC voltage pulsating DC voltage into a relatively stable. In practice, in order to prevent circuit supply voltage change due to load changes of every part, so the power output and the power input of the load connected with dozens of to hundreds of micro-electrolytic capacitors of the law. Due to the large-capacity electrolytic capacitors generally have a certain amount of inductance, high frequency and pulse signals cannot be effectively filtered, so at either end has a capacity for 0.001--0.lpF capacitors in parallel in order to filter out high frequency and pulse interference.

2 coupling effect: in the process of signal transduction and amplification, in order to prevent static working point the interaction of two stage, capacitive coupling is often used. In order to prevent the rhyme of low frequency component in the signal loss is too large, usually by large electrolytic capacitors.