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Considerations for installing capacitor
- Aug 25, 2016 -

1 when the capacitor is installed, each capacitor Terminal best uses separate cords connected to the bus, do not use hard bus connections to prevent the assembling capacitor casing damage caused by stress, damage seals and cause leakage.

2 any loose contact in the capacitor circuit, are likely to cause high frequency oscillation arc, the capacitor the electric field strength is increased and fever but early damage. Therefore, the installation must maintain good contact of the electric circuit and grounding parts.

3 low voltage capacitors after series runs on the high voltage network when, between its shell should be running by adding the equivalent voltage of insulators and other measures to make it reliable insulation.

After star joins, the 4 capacitors, for a higher rated voltage, and neutral non-grounded, capacitor shell insulation.

5 capacitors prior to installation, to assign capacity on a single to make it balanced, deviations of not more than 5% of total capacity. When a protective device should also meet the running balance current relay protection error is less than the current requirement.

6 on individual compensation capacitor of wiring should do: on directly started or by rheostat started of induction motor, its improve power factor of capacitor can directly and motor of outlet Terminal phase connection, both Zhijian don't installed switch equipment or fuse device; on used star-triangle started device started of induction type electric machine, best used three single-phase capacitor, each Taiwan capacitor directly parallel in each phase winding of two a Terminal Shang, makes capacitor of wiring always and winding of received method consistent.

7 Group compensation of low-voltage capacitor should be connected to the low pressure group the outside of the bus power supply switch to prevent excitation phenomena group bus switch is off.

Compensation of low-voltage capacitor in episode 8, should set up a switch and mounted on the outside of the line switch instead of installed on the low voltage bus.