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Compensation capacitor filter module
- Aug 25, 2016 -

Capacitive and resistive circuit is the most commonly used to achieve filtering, oscillation, integral energy storage function of intelligent capacitor in the circuit.

Actual capacity will also display the inductor and resistor market without resistance, inductance and capacitance is actually reducing the resistive element. Inductive components, makes the actual circuit capacitance components is more complex, you can use a letter of credit is equivalent to the network. Now intelligent capacitor, is used as a filter. Can be divided into 2 categories: is a major application of interference filters, especially the active power filter with digital chips. Capacitive filtering high frequency interference is very easy to understand, intelligent capacitor is through communication.

Intelligent capacitor blocking signal frequencies can be calculated, such as printed circuit board signal and housing are often used to suppress interference between intelligent capacitor, intelligent capacitor manufacturers typically corresponds to the intelligent capacitor filtering feature allows the user to select.