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Classification of capacitors
- Aug 25, 2016 -

Power capacitor according to purpose can be divided into 8 categories: ① shunt capacitors. Formerly known as phase-shifting capacitors. Mainly used for compensating inductive load of power system reactive power to improve the power factor, and improve the quality of voltage, reduce line losses. II a series capacitor. In series on power-frequency high-voltage transmission and distribution lines, for the distribution of compensating inductive reactance, improvement of the static and dynamic stability, improve the quality of line voltage, longer transmission distances and increasing transmission capacity. ③ coupling capacitors. Mainly used in high voltage power-line high frequency communication, measurement, control, protection and the power plant are part of the extraction. ④ breaker capacitor. Formerly known as voltage capacitor. Parallel in ultra high voltage circuit breaker pressure effects on the fracture surface, the voltage between the fracture during the breaking process and breaks evenly, and may improve arc characteristics of circuit breaker, improving breaking capacity. ⑤ Electric capacitors. Heating equipment systems for frequency of 40~24000 kHz to improve the power factor, improved features such as voltage or frequency of the circuit. ⑥ Pulse capacitors. Main energy storage function for impulse voltage generator and impulse current generator, circuit breaker test with oscillation circuit as well as energy storage elements. Sadly, DC filter capacitor. Used in high voltage direct current device and high voltage rectifier unit. ⑧ standard capacitor. For power-frequency high voltage dielectric loss measurement circuit, capacitor as standard, or as a measurement of high voltage capacitor voltage divider device.

High voltage power capacitors in power system (6KV) and the low voltage power capacitors (400V)

Low voltage power capacitor according to the nature of oil-impregnated paper power capacitors and self-healing power capacitor, ordinary power capacitor according to the functions and smart power capacitor. plain will not do a restatement, focusing on smart power capacitor

United States swell products, for example as described below

Intelligent power capacitor which integrates modern measurement and control, power electronics, network communication, automation and control, power capacitors, and other advanced technologies. Change has traditional no work compensation device behind of controller technology and behind of mechanical type contact device or electromechanical integration switch as voted cut capacitor of voted cut technology, change has traditional no work compensation device volume huge and heavy of structure mode, to makes new low voltage no work compensation equipment has compensation effect better, volume more small, power more low, price more low, save cost more, using more flexible, maintenance more convenient, using life more long, reliability more high of features, adapted has modern grid on no work compensation of more high requirements.