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Capacitor damage cause
- Aug 25, 2016 -

As more commissioning power capacitor, but poor management and other technical reasons, often cause damage to the power capacitors explode, there are several reasons:

Capacitor components breakdown: is mainly caused due to poor manufacturing processes.

Capacitors shell insulation damage: capacitor high voltage lead wire is made from thin copper sheet, if the manufacturing process is bad, rough burrs or severely bending the edge, its cutting-edge prone to Corona, Corona would make oil decomposition and breakdown caused by the tank shell explosion, oil side down. In addition, at the time of the cover, corner weld time too long, the internal insulation will burn and produce oil and gas, caused by the substantial reduction in the voltage capacitor is damaged.

Bad seal and oil spills: due to poor Assembly sleeve sealing and moisture into the Interior, insulation resistance reduced or declined by the oil spill, leading to discharge of shell or component breakdown.

Bulge and internal free due to Corona within, breakdown and internal free, capacitors in the presence of over-voltage, make components start free voltage go below to the electric field strength, and the resulting effects of physical, chemical, electrical, insulation aging, decomposition, producing gas, creating a vicious cycle, shell pressure increases, causing the wall drum that exploded.

Charged capacitor explosion caused by closing: any rated voltage of capacitor charge switch is not permitted. Capacitor each time the feed, must discharge the capacitor switch case 3 min before, otherwise the closing moments due to residual charge on the capacitor and cause an explosion. This general provision capacity of more than 160 kvar capacitor bank, non-pressure automatic discharge device should be installed, and provides for capacitors switching is not allowed to install automatic closing.

In addition, it may also be due to the high temperature, bad ventilation, operating voltage is too high, large harmonic or overvoltage caused damaged capacitors explode.